How to get mac address on linux

$arp -n


Restart Frozen Gnome-Shell

gnome wheater app
gnome wheater app
Gnome Wheater App

I’m trying Gnome 3.10, and it’s awesome! Perhaps when leave my computer for some time it freezes on the protection screen, where we have a clock and arrows indicating that you can swap to get the login screen.

To restart it you need to get into a terminal:

ctrl + alt + F1, login

so you can kill the frozen process using:

pkill -kill gnome-shell


Configuring keyboard layout on Fluxbox

This command works but just at the actual session:

# setxkbmap -model abnt2 -layout br -variant abnt2

To keep the layout every time you start your system you need write the keyboard options

at a file if you use Xorg window system try this:


Section “InputClass”

        Identifier “keyboard”

        MatchIsKeyboard “yes”

        Option “XkbLayout” “br”

        Option “XkbVariant” “abnt2”

        Option “XkbOptions” “”


Find Files In Linux


alexandre@alexandre-dev-pc:~$ sudo find /home/alexandre/Pictures/ -name ‘*.png’

Results on:


Alexandre Liberato

Search Bash History File

Don’t you remember of a command line that you used some hours ago? I found a simple way to do that:

Just a little, but helpful, tip from the Garrett LeSage’s website. search typed history at a bash prompt, hit control-r and start typing a command you used previously. It doesn’t have to start with what is typed, as it returns matches which contain the searched text.

Hit control-r again (while searching), and it will jump back further in history and search with the same text…

Alexandre Liberato