Get Postgresql backup information/type

pg_restore.exe -l 20180119000100.backup


Installing PostgreSQL on Windows using zip archive without the installer



  1. Download postgresql from;
  2. Unzip it;
  3. Open a cmd;
  4. Enter into the ‘bin’ directory;
  5. Init the database:
    1. initdb.exe -D ../data –username=postgres –auth=trust
  6. Start the database:
    1. pg_ctl.exe start -D ../data
  7. Open another cmd;
  8. Enter into the ‘bin’ directory;
  9. Log into the database:
    1. psql –username=postgres
  10. Create a password for your user:
    1. ALTER USER postgres WITH PASSWORD ‘VeryVerySecret’;
  11. Install adminpack extension:
    1. CREATE EXTENSION adminpack;

Spring Framework: Spring Data JPA

Studying Spring Framework and its projects:

The Java Persistence API (JPA) is a Java programming language application programming interface specification that describes the management of relational data in applications using Java Platform, Standard Edition and Java Platform, Enterprise Edition.

Spring Data JPA is intended to help the creation of a JPA data access layer for you project.

It standardize how build a data access layer but you can still use Hibernate for example to map entities.

Restart Frozen Gnome-Shell

gnome wheater app
gnome wheater app
Gnome Wheater App

I’m trying Gnome 3.10, and it’s awesome! Perhaps when leave my computer for some time it freezes on the protection screen, where we have a clock and arrows indicating that you can swap to get the login screen.

To restart it you need to get into a terminal:

ctrl + alt + F1, login

so you can kill the frozen process using:

pkill -kill gnome-shell